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The Residential Property Management Careers Library contains articles about different career paths people have taken within the industry, articles about Residential Property Management Careers Month, articles about NAAEI designations and miscellaneous resources about careers, including a 2010 study on ways to retain employees who are Property Management Graduates.

The RPM Careers resources have been split into sub-categories for easier browsing:


Articles about NAAEI Designations and NAAEI RPM Career Promotions

The Value of an NAAEI Designation

The attached collection of articles tout the career benefits that can come with an NAAEI designation. 

Articles About RPM Careers Month

Attached is a collection of articles about the  National Apartment Association Education Institute's annual event to promote careers in the RPM industry. 

DECA Introduced to the RPM Industry

NAAEI is partnering with DECA to introduce students and staff advisors to the many career paths available in the RPM industry.

Industry Spotlights

Profile Spotlights: Industry Career Paths

The attached articles feature and profie the career paths of different individuals working within the industry. 

Executive Q&A's

Andrew Marshall: Making Sure the Next Generation of College Students Is Wired

Andrew Marshall currently serves as Chief Information Officer of Campus Apartments and has been the man responsible for shepherding the company through the early part of the 21st century with regards to technology.


Retaining Graduates in Property Management

The attached files are from a Virginia Tech Study in Retaining Property Management Graduates. Completed in 2010 by Rosemary Goss, PhD, and Christine Buchanan RPM Virginia Tech Student. 

NAAEI Guide to Developing an Internship Program

The attached guide was developed by the National Apartment Association Education Institute to developing successful internship programs in the apartment industry. This includes sample schedules, mentor checklists and more. 

What's Your Elevator Speech?

Tips for writing your RPM career elevator speech. This was first published in the October 2011 issue of units Magazine.

Are You Likeable?

Five ways to become a more likeable boss, employee, or every-day person. 

Event Highlights

A Career with Growth & Opportunity

Career Growth and Opportunity  

Learn about the perks and benefits of working in residential property management and some of the reasons the industry provides career growth, stability and endless opportunities.