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Building Operations Library

The documents contained in this library are related to the day-to-day services necessary to maintain the buildings and grounds in a functional condition, including maintenance, pest management, utilities, repairs and renovations. 

The Building Operations resources have been split into sub-categories for easier browsing:

Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management in Affordable Housing

An illustrated, 81-page guide that gives readers a basic knowledge of pests and pesticides that will help them make informed pest control decisions, an understanding of how to implement IPM (Integrated Pest Management) in housing and tools to orient staff to their role on an IPM team. IPM  is a method for reducing, preventing and eliminating infestations while promoting resident (and staff) health and well-being. This resource was submitted by is a group of scientists seeking to improve pest control in affordable housing. They are the Northeastern IPM Center at Cornell University.

Case Studies: Successful IPM in Affordable Housing

The attached case studies are from tell success stories of integrated pest management in affordable housing. The techniques and methods used in the case studies may be beneficial to any multifamily housing, not just affordable housing.

Best Practices for Pest-Proofing Your Community

A units Magazine article from October 2012 that lists the best practices for pest-proofing your community. 

Discussing Pest Management With Residents

The attached files contain information sheets on seven common household pests to share with residents, as well as a brochure template for apartment communities to customize and share with residents. The template includes points on how apartment staff and residents can work together to control pests. These are posted with permission from


Indoor Maintenance and Operations

Laundry Services

The collection of articles on laundry services discuss the latest trends and the importance of a well-maintained laundry room. 

Reducing and Removing Mold

This collection of documents outline methods to reduce and remove mold. Sources for these documents include the Environmental Protection Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Apartment Association.

Mold Prevention

The attached documents contain best practices to prevent mold. Sources include the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. 

Keys and Locks

This collection of units Magazine articles cover the latest trends in key control and locks in the apartment industry. 

Refrigerant Conversions

A collection of units Magazine articles about the conversion from R-22 refrigerant to R-410A.

Managing Utility Usage

A collection of units Magazine articles discussing ways to manage residents' utility usage and cut costs for utilities.

Flooring and Carpet

This collection of articles include the trends in apartment flooring, tips to select the right flooring for your community and information on carpet stretching and stain-proof carpet.

Renovations, Apartment Upgrades

The attached articles were first published in units Magazine and touch on multiple renovation issues, including redevelopment,  painting, appliance upgrades and more. 

Bathroom Repairs, Installation and Renovations

This collection of articles contains tips on replacing your bath tub and replacing your shower enclosure.

Paint: Application and Selection

This pair of articles contains helpful information on planning for and executing a successful paint job, as well as color selection.

Water Heater Maintenance

This units Magazine article from October 2010 explains the procedure to create a water heater maintenance program to protect residents from scalding water. 

Lead Paint

Two pamphlets from the Environmental Protection Agency are attached. These pamphlets contain information on lead safe renovations and repairs. A units Magazine article from December 2010 is also attached, which discusses various ways Independent Rental Owners are adapting and changing business models to accomodate EPA regulations. 

Outdoor Maintenance and Operations

Swimming Pools

This compilation of units articles cover the upkeep and repair of swimming pools, as well as the cost. 


The attached files were first published in units Magazine and include six tips to move beyond garden variety landscaping with year-round maintenance, and tips for drought resistant landscaping. 

Roof Maintenance

This units Magazine article from January 2010 explains the importance of a good roof management system. 

Summer Maintenance

An interview with Dolben's Jim Dormady about summer maintenance issues that appeared in the July 2013 issue of the Operations Insight newsletter. 


The attached article ran in UNITS Magazine and discusses graffitti-resistant fencing.

Technical Operations

 Cable Television

A collection of past units Magazine articles discussing the future of cable TV in multifamily housing.


The attached articles discuss various aspects of telecommunications, including contracts, value and negotiations. 



Resolving Maintenance Work Orders

A collection of best practices for resolving maintenance work orders quickly and maintaining strong resident relations, and sample post-maintence request surveys. Files submitted by NAA members, and the National Apartment Association Education Institute. 

Finding and Using a Contractor

These past units Magazine articles include tips for finding and using a contractor.

Maintenance Technician Safety

The attached articles discuss safety steps and precautions maintenance technicians should take on the job. 

Fire Suppressor

This article from the July 2011 units Magazine shows an inexpensive way to cut back on resident cooking fires with the use of a stovetop fire suppressor. 

Turning Around a Distressed Property

From the May 2013 Campus Connections newsletter--an article on turning around a distressed property, including a nine-step plan. 


Event Highlights

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