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Human Resources Library

The Human Resources Library contains a collection of documents covering various aspects of human resources in the multifamily housing industry. This includes, but is not limited to, hiring decisions, interviewing candidates, performance management and evaluation, administration, employee communication and motivation. Many of the documents in this library are applicable to both apartment community teams and association staff.

The Human Resoures documents have been split into sub-categories for easier browsing:

Policy and Sample Forms

The Case For Offering A Tobacco Cessation Program In The Apartment Industry

An industry-wide survey and whitepaper completed by Lockton Companies to evaluate current tobacco prevalence rates, the types of tobacco cessation assistance programs offered, and methods for incenting participation in these programs. 

Employee Performance Review

The attached documents contain sample review forms submitted by NAA members, and articles from past units magazine issues on the performance review process. 

Employee Warning Notice

A warning form to be used with employees to document and warn them of future consequences for poor behavior, including tardiness, insubordination, rudeness, violation of safety rules and more. Document shared with the IRO Community by Victoria Cowart of Darby Development.


The attached article was first published in the August 2010 issue of units Magazine and explores the growing trend of property management companies allowing certain employees to telecommute. 

Sample Mileage Form

This sample form can be used to track mileage for business purposes. This was submitted by Victoria Cowart of Darby Development. 

Regulations in Human Resources

This article from the October 2012 issue of units Magazine discusses the latest regulations that human resource professionals in the industry need to be aware of. 

Sorting Out Social Media Policy for HR

Ever-changing trends and policies keep hiring managers on their toes concerning the limits, laws and standards when using social media as an evaluation tool for hiring staff. 

Employee Uniforms

Two articles discussing things to consider before adopting an employee uniform: cost, comfort and consistency, and stylish corporate apparel in place at Alliance Residential. 

Policies for Text Messaging on the Job

Text messaging is emerging as a top way to communicate with colleagues and employees. However, the protocol and policies can vary from company to company. This article first appeared in the July 2013 issue of UNITS Magazine. 


Hiring, Interviewing and Keeping Employees

Hiring Decisions

This collection of articles all ran in units Magazine, and contain tips and strategies to make good decisions during the hiring process. 

The Interview: Sample Interview Guides & Questions

This collection of documents contain specific interview guides for leasing professionals, and maintenance technicians, submitted for posting by Susan Passmore of Blue Ridge Companies. There are also files and sample questions for behavioral interviewing techniques. 

Employee Retention

This collection of past units Magazine articles contain strategies for executives to see greater employee retention. 

Promotions: Climbing the Corporate Ladder

This collection of articles discusses behaviors that are more likely to earn a promotion, and different career paths that promote staff in non-traditional ways. 

Evaluating Candidates With Body Language

Body language expert Janine Driver discusses how apartment professionals can determine whether their job candidates are telling the truth through body language in this units Magazine article from May 2013. 



Generational and Personality Guidance

This collection of documents contain articles and reports on different generations and personality types working together in the workplace. The attached files discuss similarities and differences between generations and ways to bridge the gap. 

Employee Theft

This article was first published in the March 2011 issue of units Magazine and contains guidelines on dealing with and guarding against employee theft. 

Cultivating a Culture of Creativity

Article from units Magazine discussing how some successful creativities achieve success through a culture that allows creativity. 

Hiring Military Veterans

Veterans bring a unique skillset and background, which many apartment companies have found to be an asset. This article on hiring veterans ran in the November 2012 issue of units Magazine. 


Event Highlights

A Career with Growth & Opportunity

Career Growth and Opportunity  

Learn about the perks and benefits of working in residential property management and some of the reasons the industry provides career growth, stability and endless opportunities.