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Social Media Library

The documents contained in this library include best practices, sample policies, research and general articles related to social media and it's role in the apartment industry. 

The Social Media resources have been split into sub-categories for easier browsing:

Social Media Policy

Creating a Social Media Policy for Property Management

This article, created and posted with permission from Charity Hisle with Socially Engaged Marketing, contains sample social media policies specifically created for the multifamily housing industry, details on how to develop a policy and why to develop a policy. For more information, visit Socially Engaged Marketing's website.

Managing Risk in Social Media

A collection of articles that identify specific risks when engaging in social media for business, as well as strategies and plans to manage it.

Sorting Out Social Media Policy for HR

Ever-changing trends and policies keep hiring managers on their toes concerning the limits, laws and standards when using social media as an evaluation tool for hiring staff. 

Social Media Research

Social CRM For Associations: What Executives Should Know About Applying Social Media to Membership Management

A Whitepaper produced by Social Fish on Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM)--a business strategy for managing customer relations in the age of social media and discusses the evolving technology that helps organizations do this. 

Pew Internet Report: Social Networking Sites and Our Lives

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project decided to examine social networking sites in a survey that explored people’s overall social networks and how use of these technologies is related to trust, tolerance, social support, and community and political engagement. A few Key Findings in document: 92% of all social networking site users are on Facebook, 18% of social networking site users are on LinkedIn, and 13% are on Twitter. Twitter and Facebook users are more engaged than LinkedIn users. Of U.S. Internet users, 59% use at least one social networking site.

Social Media Articles

Social Media for Beginners

This collection of articles contains everything you need to know to get started on social media. 

Managing Your Online Reputation

This collection of articles contain best practices and tips for managing your online reputation through social media and rating websites. 

How Facebook Could Change Apartment Search

The introduction of Graph Search has created new ways to find apartments that leverage prospective renters' entire social network.

Giving Residents a Voice in Social Media

This article originally appeared in the February 2012 issue of units Magazine and discusses ways apartment communities interact with their residents on social media. 

Facebook Fatigue

This article was first published in the March 2012 issue of units Magazine and discusses whether Facebook users are beginning to tire of the social network and move on to other trends. 


One of the newest and fastest-growing social media channels. This units article from September 2012 shows how the apartment industry can use the network to its advantage. 



Event Highlights

A Career with Growth & Opportunity

Career Growth and Opportunity  

Learn about the perks and benefits of working in residential property management and some of the reasons the industry provides career growth, stability and endless opportunities.