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  • How To Clean Up A Broken CFL

    Ask your typical apartment maintenance person what a CFL is and they’ll tell you, why of course it’s the Canadian Football League, where undersized football stars go to finish their careers!  While that is true, in the ever more green, sustainable, eco-friendly, low carbon footprint, renewable and recyclable world of business these days, a CFL is actually a compact fluorescent lightbulb. CFL’s...
  • Nothing Says ‘Lease Here!’ Like Some Rotting Pumpkins

    Last year I made the questionable decision to leave three carved pumpkins on my apartment balcony until late January. Some would call this lazy, but I had a pretty busy winter playing online Family Feud and there just wasn’t time to dispose of them. The end result was, well, unsavory. My hand went through the first pumpkin when I tried to pick it up, and the second was encased in a thick coat of...


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