“My RPM Story” – Caity Russell | National Apartment Association

“My RPM Story” – Caity Russell

I started my college career in the business administration program at the University of Wisconsin – Stout, but I soon switched to property management on the advice of a mentor. I hoped to work in the business world and learn more about accounting while pursuing my passions for marketing and working with people. Residential property management (RPM) has endless possibilities, encompassing all my interests in one industry.

With some property management courses under my belt, I got an internship with Weidner Apartment Homes in Colorado. This internship gave me the chance to travel and discover the residential side of property management while learning about Weidner’s company values. In just one summer I picked up facility with various software systems used in RPM, customer service skills, and knowledge of accounting, maintenance, and housekeeping — and I saw firsthand how important it is to have a great team that works together well. After this amazing experience learning and making a difference, I was hooked!

Now I am in the Manager in Training program at Weidner Apartment Homes, and my day-to-day functions include leasing, resolving maintenance issues, walking the property to make sure there are no hazards, marketing the property (through print and digital ads), calling prospective residents, coordinating resident events, and making sure our community is in the best possible condition. I also conduct move-ins, move-outs, and transfers of apartments; review data to be sure that the property is operating at its full potential; take care of financial transactions; and deliver packages. This industry is unique because you get to be part of everything!

Most important, I meet the needs of everyone who walks through the door. I love to make the property a fun place to live by jumping to greet residents and visitors and making sure that the residents know I am here to support their community. My team and I take care of people in a way that may not be obvious to some, and we add value to our residents’ lives. And in this industry, I have met the most interesting people from all over the world.

As an RPM Careers ambassador, I want to spread the joy and experience this industry has given me. I wasn’t sure if it was the right field until I heard others’ stories — and I was convinced. I’m here to help hope others find their place in this fantastic industry!

If you know someone who would make a great RPM Careers ambassador, email Sarah Levine.