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Unauthorized Airbnb Rental Highlights Leasing Issues

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NAAHQ   //   December 22, 2015
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Air BnB
Residents Allegedly Turn Apartment Home Into Airbnb Rental
A New York property owner is taking two residents to court after they turned a three-bedroom apartment into a 10-bedroom and began renting the individual spaces on Airbnb. We highlight the details of the suit.
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The Home Depot
Top Stories
Wellness Services
Market Trends
Wellness Services Add Luxury and Lifestyle to Chicago Properties
Competition among properties for offering the best amenities is high. The latest trend envelops not only the flash of modern spaces such as Zen gardens and meditation rooms, but also potential residents’ desire for wellness and community.
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Williams-Sonoma, Inc
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West elm: Inspire your audience with a premium model-home experience
The key to leasing an apartment is making prospective tenants feel at home. Our stylists can work with you to decorate any space, from common areas to complete model homes.
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NAA Income Survey
Sample 1
Market Trends
America’s Middle Class Is Shrinking
The rich keep getting richer while the middle class becomes a smaller component of the U.S. population and struggles to recover from the Great Recession. We detail contributing factors, the demographics most affected, and what impact this could have on the apartment industry.
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NAA Student Housing
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Grow your network and gain insights that benefit your business
To keep pace with the ever-changing student housing market, you need to stay current on the latest trends, solutions, best practices and opportunities. If you want to see your business grow, attendance is mandatory.
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Baltimore Nonpayment
Legal & Legislative
Substandard Living Conditions Not Factors in Baltimore Nonpayment Cases
Poorer Baltimore residents often suffer through issues such as rodent infestation, faulty plumbing and mold as they battle property owners to remedy these situations. But in cases of nonpayment of rent, usually only the missing checks are taken into consideration.
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Micro Apartments
Industry Buzz
How Micro Apartments Can Solve Affordable-Housing Issues
High-rent metro areas such as New York City are exploring the use of micro apartments to provide more affordable solutions to those wishing to live alone. But they may also be a solution for lower-income individuals to secure housing.
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Industry Buzz
The Untapped Potential of Philadelphia
Apartments constitute approximately a third of the housing market in cities such as Chicago and Boston. But in Philadelphia, apartments represent only 15 percent of the market. See why developers are considering this a strong investment opportunity.
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NAA Announcements
28 Things to Do in Chicago During the 2016 NAA Student Housing Conference & Exposition
Chicago boasts a wealth of exciting opportunities — not least of which is the 2016 NAA Student Housing Conference & Exposition, Feb. 16–17, at the Hyatt Regency. Register today, and plan out an equally engaging itinerary for your free time with these fun Windy City activities.
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You Don’t Want to Miss This 2016 NAA Student Housing Conference & Exposition Panel
At a special panel discussion on Wednesday, Feb. 17, seven CEOs and presidents from top off-campus housing providers will share challenges they face, especially relating to technology and security; how they plan to cater to Generation Z; and how they strive to stand out. Register for the 2016 NAA Student Housing Conference & Exposition today to secure your spot.
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Get Inspired by Thursday’s Keynote Speaker at the 2016 NAA Education Conference & Exposition
More than 9,200 industry professionals will descend upon the 2016 NAA Education Conference & Exposition, June 15–18, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco — including former NFL player and talk-show host Michael Strahan. Strahan will share his business and playing experiences to energize and inspire audience members to achieve their goals.
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Determine Proper Benchmarks for Your Budget With the 2015 NAA Income & Expenses Survey
Purchase a copy of the 2015 NAA Income & Expenses Survey to see how line items such as dollars per unit, dollars per square foot of rentable area and dollars as a percentage of gross potential rent compare among properties in your market. A full report including all markets is also available.
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