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Do You Airbnb?


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NAAHQ   //   April 26, 2016
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One company asked its residents,
do you airbnb?
A survey by Atlanta-based Cortland Partners found that a majority of its residents had a very negative view of Airbnb rentals—and didn’t want these establishments setting up in their apartment communities. Guests who rent Airbnb rentals without background or credit checks are a prevailing concern.
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Answering Service
Industry Buzz
Use Your Answering Service to Respond Quickly to Emergencies
The technology can shorten the window of time it takes to respond to a resident’s emergency and make repairs. Learn more about how managers can leverage automated answering services to track progress on emergency maintenance jobs.
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Experience the power of "WE" together with RentPath
We're only successful if you're successful. When you partner with RentPath, there is only one kind of partnership — a powerful one.  
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Industry Buzz
Scaling New Heights to Achieve Management Success
Whether it’s climbing a mountain or joining, New York Times-bestselling author and leadership adviser Alison Levine offers that people should do something “that really scares them” to challenge themselves in the workplace.
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For Rent Media Solutions
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Create an extraordinary resident experience
Let the experts in interior landscapes help you create a deeper connection with your residents and inspire brand loyalty for a total ROI - Return On Interiors.
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Apartment Inspections
Industry Buzz
Facing the Unexpected During Apartment Inspections
They’re supposed to be a routine part of the job, but sometimes a unit inspection can reveal some interesting discoveries. A property manager describes her experiences in finding drugs, unregistered pets and too many toothbrushes during inspections.
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Renter Insurance
Industry Buzz
To Cover for Damages, Renters Should Buy Insurance
It offers numerous protections, yet only four out of 10 renters in the United States invests in renters insurance. We discuss what renters should look for in an insurance policy and how they can cut down on policy costs.
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Student Housing Market
Market Trends
Rent Growth, Leasing Rates up in Student Housing Market
Student housing effective rent levels went in like a lion for the month of March, increasing to 2.4 percent after stabilizing at around 2 percent over the past leasing year. Find out what other metrics have improved in this housing market.
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Ancillary Services Management
NAA Announcements
GMA's New full time Addition is Coming to the 2016 NAA Education Conference & Exposition!
Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan will share his infectious energy and insights with conference participants in San Francisco. Register by June 6 to save up to $150 with NAA’s late rate discount.
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Innovative and Applicable Solutions From Our Breakout Session Speakers
Attend the 50+ breakout sessions at NAA’s Education Conference & Exposition and gain new insights on leasing, affordable housing, legal issues, marketing and more!
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Are You Ready to Make an Impact?
Have you signed up yet to participate in NAA’s 2016 Survey of Income & Expenses in Rental Apartment Communities? It’s a win-win opportunity for your company! Find out more about how you can receive a complimentary copy of the final survey report.
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Are You Ready to Step Up Your Leadership Game this Summer?
Hone those training and delegation skills by signing up for the NAAEI Leadership Experience program when you register for the 2016 NAA Education Conference & Exposition in San Francisco.
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